Council On Aging

Rehoboth Senior Center Mission Statement 

 The Rehoboth Senior Center’s mission is to develop and provide programs, opportunities, and resources to enrich the social, emotional, physical, mental, and economic well-being of Rehoboth’s elder citizens.  

The Rehoboth Senior Center shall serve as a community focal point and an inclusive support system where Rehoboth’s elder citizens: 

  • Can engage in leisure, wellness, educational, and social programs that promote an enhanced quality of life and social-emotional health and well-being  
  • Can enjoy onsite meals prepared in the senior center kitchen and be served in the building’s dining area  
  • Can connect to their peers and community 
  • Can foster inter-generational relationships and shared activities  
  • Can obtain information on and access to governmental supports and programs that connect people to transportation, housing, nutritional, and economic assistance  
  • Can gain access to health information and resources to support independence and ensure healthy aging in our community  
  • Can seek out opportunities for lifetime learning and volunteering and civic engagement 

 The Rehoboth Senior Center’s vision is to grow and expand our offerings while preserving our commitment to the dignity and worth of every person in our community.


Rehoboth Council on Aging
27 Francis Farm RD- Francis Hall
Rehoboth, MA 02769



Staff Contacts

Name Title
Linda Sherman Director
Bradley Marshall Outreach Worker / S.H.I.N.E. x4017/x4016
Kimberly Robens Administrative Clerk

Board Members

Name Title
Cornelius Harrington Board Member
Dr. Robert Lambe Board Member
Suzanne Laverdiere Board Member
Ronald Whittemore Board Member
Dr. Bruce Thayer Board Member
Charlene Cunha Board Member
Brittany Bixenman Board Chairperson
MaryBeth Moriarty Associate Board Member
Linda Sherman C.O.A. Director