Census Information - Town of Rehoboth

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  • 2023 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,916
  • 2022 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,609
  • 2021 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,977
  • 2020 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,922
  • 2019 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,745
  • 2018 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,664
  • 2017 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,568
  • 2016 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,219
  • 2015 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,008
  • 2014 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,175
  • 2013 Rehoboth, Massachusetts Population = 12,060

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Once a year, in January, the Rehoboth Town Clerk's office mails out an annual census form. All census forms are due by February 1st. Compliance with this state requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veterans' bonus, housing for the elderly and related benefits, as well as providing information for selection of jurors. Completing this form does not register you as a voter, but failure to answer this annual listing shall result in a voter's name being removed from the active voters list and may result in removal from the voter registration rolls. This form is completed and sent back to the Town Clerk's Office - 340 Anawan Street, Rehoboth, MA - every year even if there are no changes to the preprinted information on the census. A blank census form appears below. If you are new to town, please download the dynamic PDF form, fill in the appropriate information, save, and return via mail or email.

Thank you so much!

Laura L. Schwall, Rehoboth Town Clerk, CMC/CMMC
To download the 2023 Census forms, please click on the attachments below.