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I would like to thank you all who participated in last year’s Rehoboth Memorial Day Parade. The “Rehoboth” Memorial Day Parade will now be conducted “annually” in the town of Rehoboth. If you haven’t participated in the past, the town of Rehoboth’s Veterans Office would love to have you in our Memorial Day Parade this May 29th 2020. Please call 508-252-4467 or e-mail Jake at

The Parade will start at 10:15 AM near the C.O.A. & American Legion on Bay State Road, travel through the village and end up at the Veterans’ Memorial Gazebo, Redway Plain or you can follow the Red White & Blue lines running along Bay State Road. This year, you’ll see 68 new 3’x 5’ American Flags on the utility poles along the entire parade route from early May through late July. The Memorial Day Ceremony will commence at around 11:30 AM followed by dedication for all our Fallen Comrades who’ve given the ultimate sacrifice and for those who have fallen since last Memorial Day with a ceremony ending at noon with the lowering and raising of the American Flag.

Please respond to the Veterans Office if you’re interested in participating in this year’s Memorial Day Parade

Thank you!




A ceremony will be held on the 11th month, at the 11th hour at the Rehoboth Veterans Cenotaph on the corner of Route 44 and Danforth, followed by the placing of a wreath at the Rehoboth Veterans Memorial gazebo on the Redway Plain.  

 A free luncheon will be held in the afternoon at the American Legion Post 302 for our local Veterans

You must RSVP by November 1st - E-mail Jake at or call 508-252-4467 or the American Legion at 508-252-9079

Mission Statement

Veterans' Services was started as a means of maintaining the dignity of the veteran. The Commonwealth felt that veterans needing assistance should not have to depend on welfare for assistance.

All VSOs assist veterans in dealing with the federal Veterans' Administration in filing claims and appeals, applying for VA Health Care, and Death Benefits. Other federal VA benefits include education, job training, employment training and re-education, and non-service pensions.

Seventy-five percent of all benefits disbursed by the VSO are reimbursed by the Commonwealth. Flags placed on veterans’ graves at Memorial Day are also reimbursed at that rate.

Benefits under Chapter 115 are regulated by the veterans' income and assets, the standards regularly change with the cost of living. Any veteran or widow may file an application for benefits. A veteran’s DD 214 is the primary required document. If a veteran has lost or misplaced their DD 214, the VSO must assist in requesting a replacement.

Applications are also available to apply for lost medals, obtaining veterans license plates, burial expenses, GI Bill benefits, home loan certificates, etc.

Work with local Veteran Organizations, American Legion Post 302 of Rehoboth, assist with events, the Service Officer etc.






•    The Veterans’ Service Officer (VSO) shall take all applications for M.G.L. c. 115 veterans’ benefits and shall make initial determinations of eligibility; forward requests for authorization for reimbursement to the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS); pay benefits and prepare and submit monthly returns of veterans’ benefits paid by the Town.

•    Maintains a depository of military discharges and service records of veterans residing within the Town and assist veterans from neighboring Towns as needed, make copies and forwards copies to appropriate agencies. Except as provided by law, the VSO is obligated under M.G.L. c. 40, § 51 to safeguard and protect from unauthorized disclosure of the names of any persons residing in the Town or neighboring Towns who receive veterans benefits under M.G.L. c. 115.

•   The VSO shall prepare and submit documentation of veterans’ and eligible dependents’ burial expenses for partial reimbursement of funeral and burial or interment expenses from DVS.

•   Performs case management for each M.G.L. c. 115 recipient to ensure that all benefits are appropriately provided in compliance with eligibility and budget standards as set by the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS).

•   Assists veterans in obtaining VA medical, disability and pension benefits in accordance with VA guidelines.

•   Assist veterans in obtaining military documents including discharge certificates and other service records.

•   Provide outreach services by providing referrals and assistance to veterans and their dependents regarding available benefits and services, including G.I. Bill benefits under the various G.I. Bill iterations; educational assistance; home purchases; tax exemptions; pensions; reemployment rights; civil service; burials and hospitalizations. Establishes outreach programs that incorporate efforts to work with federal, state and local governmental bodies and agencies, as well as private entities, as needed, including accessing federal veterans benefits from the VA and employment assistance through Massachusetts Career Centers and the U.S. Department of Labor’s workforce training programs.

•   Conducts public information campaigns via social media, internet websites, print media, and other options to ensure that the eligible client population is aware of current laws and opportunities. The VSO should keep current with changes in the laws which affect veterans’ benefits and services by attending professional development programs and by communicating with DVS.

•   Acts as liaison between veterans’ organizations and local officials.

•   Keep informed of all changes, additions or new interpretations of veterans’ benefits by attending educational seminars and meetings.

•   Works with the Department of Defense in cooperation with the families of lost and fallen veterans, to honor veterans lost in the line of duty and fallen veterans.

•   Facilitates and attends monthly meetings of veterans’ groups in the Town and works with that group on veteran issues.

•   Prepares and presents the annual departmental budget; prepares monthly and annual reports to include monthly activity reports.

•   Maintains the Town’s war memorials and monuments; Veterans Memorial at Redway Plain, War Memorial at Palmer River School, Cenotaph aka (3 Flags) at the corner of Danforth & US 44

•   Organizes, coordinates, directs, and participates in patriotic events in conjunction with the American Legion Post 302

•   Attends Veterans’ Agent associations; Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services (DVS) along with Massachusetts Veteran Service Officer Association (MVSOA) and Southeast Massachusetts Veteran Service Officer Association (SMVSOA) meetings, seminars, and training sessions to remain current of programs, services, practices, and procedures.

•   Receive abatements on Veterans Property taxes through Clause 22 and this requires annual renewal applications after July 1st through the Tax Assessors Office.

•   Receive abatements on Veterans Property taxes through the Valor Act and this requires annual renewal applications after July 1st through the Director of Veteran Services.

•   Transportation with the town Veterans Van for medical transportation only with a 50 mile radius of Rehoboth.

•   Performs all other related duties as required.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Brigitta C Hart Health & Human Services Administrator 508-252-3372 x4012