Alcohol and Drugs (Please see undated web link to AA's group, below)

Substance Misuse and Mental Health Services
If there is a crisis, don't wait, call 911 !

The Public Health Nurse's office respectfully provides links to sources of information about issues and also about opportunities for help. 

Feel welcome to contact us for advice or just to talk. Everything is kept confidential. There are other resources than those we list, and every situation is a unique one.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Resources for Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Addiction Resources

* Provides info for people at any stage of their recovery journey, including info on different types of therapy/recovery options, warning signs, how to talk to a family member, definitions of different types of treatment and a local treatment center directory.

* A network of addiction treatment facilities that provide drug and alcohol detox, support, and comprehensive substance abuse treatment services to the individuals and families struggling with addictions.


Moderate Drinking

Drinking Levels Defined

Alcohol Use - Weighing Risks and Benefits