Agricultural Commission

Right to Farm-Treichler Graphic
Illustration by Melissa Treichler - Rehoboth, MA
The Agricultural Commission (Ag-Com) was established in 2003. It runs the farmer's market at Anawan School, maintains Right To Farm signs at the main roads entering town, and works to encourage and support agriculture.
The focus of the Ag-Com continued to be the Palmer River Initiative. This is a cooperative project with state and federal partners to address water quality issues in the Palmer River watershed as they relate to agriculture. The USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Mass. Dept. of Environmental Protection, Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources and the Mass. Association of Conservation Districts have worked with us to develop a pilot program to bring conservation farm planning, technical and financial assistance to farmers in the watershed. The goal is to address nonpoint source pollution. The initiative includes an education effort to reach farmers, horse owners, neighbors and municipal officials.

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